Meal Plans

We offer a variety of meal plans to fit your lifestyle. The meal plans operate on a declining balance or debit system. Depending on the plan selected, students begin each semester with a set amount of funds, Tiger Bucks, electronically added to their meal plan balance. Students then draw down on their balance as they purchase food in all Bon Appétit locations. If a student runs out of Tiger Bucks they can add additional Tiger Bucks at the Bon Appétit Food Service Office in Ticknor Hall. To inquire about meal plan sign-ups or more information, please stop by the Bon Appétit office located in Ticknor Hall or visit

PLAN A – $5318 ($2659 per semester)
We’ve found that this plan is ideal for most of our residents who enjoy eating at the various locations on campus. If you frequent one of our cafés for most meals, this is the plan for you. The A plan has a purchasing value each semester of 2247 Tiger Bucks.

PLAN B – $4928 ($2464 per semester)
This plan is right for you if you dine less frequently or are away on weekends. It is also a good choice if you are looking for a lighter plan and have a spending rate that is fairly average and will now and again take advantage of the late night dining hours. The B plan has a purchasing value each semester of 2052 Tiger Bucks.

PLAN C – $4486 ($2243 per semester)
For the student who occasionally dines on campus or frequents other venues such as Colorado Coffee or Local Goods for a quick refuel. This plan is perfect for a lighter eater, someone who rarely partakes in evening dinner or late night snacks. The C plan has a purchasing value each semester of 1831 Tiger Bucks.

If a student runs out of Meal Plan funds, additional Tiger Bucks can be added at the Bon Appétit office in Ticknor Hall.


Apartment Meal Plan – $300
Designed for on campus upperclassman or off campus students. Whether it’s espresso and a healthy snack to refuel, or lunch at Rastall café, you can use your 300 Tiger Bucks to purchase foods or essentials from any Bon Appétit location. Need more Tiger Bucks, visit the Bon Appétit office in the basement level of Ticknor.

The purchase of Gold Card Plus Dollars is a cost-effective, simple way to supplement Resident Dining Plans. Gold Dollars can be spent at all Bon Appétit food venues on campus and can be used for other living essentials on campus like the laundry rooms and bookstore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I live in the Residence Halls, do I have to have a dining plan?
Yes, all students residing in the residence halls must participate in the food service program. Western Ridge residents or students living off campus have the option to purchase a commuter plan.

Q. What if I want to change my dining plan?
Changes to lower meal plans must be done in the first two weeks of Block 1 and Block 5 through the Student Accounts office.  You may upgrade your meal plan at anytime by visiting the Student Accounts office.

Q. What if I run out of Tiger Bucks?
You can always add additional money to your Gold Card Plus account, at any time, in any amount via Manage My ID from the Colorado College website.

Q. What happens if I have Tiger Bucks left over at the end of the semester?
At the end of the semester, the Tiger Bucks will transfer. At the end of the academic year however, any unspent Tiger Bucks will not carry over and will be forfeited.

Q. I live off campus, is there a plan for me?
Absolutely, we offer a specific commuter meal plan for off-campus students. You can enjoy the convenience of great meals on campus while studying or spending time with friends. You can also purchase Gold Dollars, allowing you to spend those dollars at any Bon Appétit food venue.

Q. I have special dietary needs. Who should I see?
Visit the Bon Appétit office and speak with the General Manager. If you have medical or dietary restrictions, we will do everything possible to meet your special needs.